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We are Dealing with Farm inputsAgro-chemicalsVeterinary drugs

Farmbase limited Is a one of the leading private company dealing with importation, formulation and selling of farm inputs. Agro-chemicals, veterinary drugs and seeds.


Farmbase limited and its branches guarantee the delivery for steadfast quality goods and services throughout the year to meet our customers’ needs.


Farmbase Limited to be the east African prime center for quality agro-veterinary products and services.

Who We Are

Farmbase limited is a Private company registered under Tanzania companies act of 2002.

Farmbase limited Is a one of the leading private company dealing with importation, formulation and selling of farm inputs. Agro chemicals, veterinary drugs and seeds. However, Farmbase limited started in 1999 where it was dealing with only Acaricides, insecticides and Rodenticide.

Farmbase got its name well known all across the country by their products Paranex, Rat-cide and Akheri powder.

In 2011 farmbase limited decided to start Agrochemical business where more than 15 products were introduced in the market of agrochemicals here in Tanzania.
Today, Farmbase limited is one of the largest distributors of veterinary pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, rodenticide, farm inputs and acaricides here in Tanzania.

Managing Director


What I cherish most about Farmbase is the wealth that our quality products and excellent service to our customer. I feel that besides the business, we are there for the people that will benefit from the quality products and excellent service, both directly and indirectly, starting from our client and its personnel up to the service suppliers and the consumers.

Msellem is a highly experienced manager, a warm people’s person, with advanced problem-solving skills. With a consistent record of managing complex issues, Msellem is a great leader who motivates and drives Farmbase to success.

Our Team

Farmbase has qualified professional staff working as a team in satisfying our customer’s needs.

The staff comprises of qualified doctors for veterinary medicines, agronomist, chemist for the factory, human resource officers, competent managers, the staff enjoy working under a wise helpful and supportive managing director.

Apart from qualified staff we have supporting staff working in various sections of the company executing day to day activities. Under this team, our customers enjoy precious moment they spend at Farmbase

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